IZZI Ortho 4K100

3DTECH’s fastest aligner production machine is a robust solution which prints 1 dental model per 1 minute for 1 EUR,  a promise that comes with our Golden Warranty. Enter the IZZI world and discover all the benefits of our patented MLA 3D technology.

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– Industrial size build plate 384 x 216 mm

– xy resolution 100 μm, 4k resolution

Patented MLA 3D technology based on top-down principle

– 111 principle – 1 model, 1 minute, 1 euro

– Dynamic polymerization (different polymerization time depending on the thickness of the material)

– The printer does not use FEP foil (lower cost and time saver)

– 10-inch touch screen for direct control of print process

– The printer has automatically operated door

– Model auto positioning and auto hollowing (time saver for technicians)

– Auto mixing of materials – machine is print-ready at any given time

– Internal material storage – digital level display of material quantity

– Printing without support geometry

– System for maintaining a constant level of material

– Gloves free system – auto removal of print models, no chisel / spatula / hammer

– 99.99% repeatability

– Open material system

– Integrated PC Supporting Ethernet WiFi and USB

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