IZZI Dental 4K50

3DTECH’s high-precision, versatile 3D dental printer for printing work models, crowns and bridges, surgical guides, splints and veneers. Safe for printing even with soft or elastic materials, 4K50 offers special Single Point Support, which means that even complex dental models are printed on single pillar, saving technicians’ time in post-processing.

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Build plate 192 x 108 mm

– xy resolution 50 μm, 4k resolution

– Applications: stone models, crowns & bridges, surgical guides, splints, veneers 

– Simple and fast material change – multiple material containers

– Patented MLA 3D technology based on top down principle

– Single point support system – saving post-processing time

– The printer does not use FEP foil – no breaking of high elastic materials

– 10-inch touch screen for direct control of print process

– The printer has automatically-operated door

– Model auto-positioning and hollowing (time saver for technicians)

– Auto-mixing of materials – machine is print-ready at any given time

– Internal material storage – digital level display of material quantity

– Printing without support geometry

– System for maintaining a constant level of material

– Gloves free system – auto removal of print models, no chisel / spatula / hammer

– Dynamic polymerization (different polymerization time depending on the thickness of the material) 

– 99.99% repeatability 

– Open material system

– Integrated PC Supporting Ethernet WiFi and USB

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