DLP 3D Dental Printers

Using patented Mixing Leveling Alignment - MLA technology and IZZI Software

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Scope of pricing for two printers and printing materials

Founded in 2017, 3Dtech launched line of IZZI 3D printers for mulitple purpose accuracy, precision, reliability and speed.

Here are the solutions we provide when buying one of our products to ensure client satisfaction as well as product deployment.

About Us

Inventing Simplicity

Our Office - Zagreb

We’re based in Croatia. Our offices are in ZICER – innovative center in Zagreb. Our setup allows us to work closely with our clients from Croatia and other countries and be cost efficient so we can deliver the best results to our clients over and over again

Our Rewards

Over the two years we’ve collected more than few awards among which we are most proud on “Grand Prix Nikola Tesla” on INOVA – innovation fair in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Grand Prix Nikola Tesla Reward (INNOVA)
  • Citizen Innovator Reward
  • Malasya Technology Expo Reward 2021


Inventing simplicty / 3DTech / Team Members

Luka Biondić

Chief Executive Officer

Ljubomir Lokin

Concept, Design & Development

Mirna Gaberšnik

Sales & Marketing

Antun Maric


Denis Pralaš


Ante Čačić



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Velesajam, ZICER
Zagreb, Croatia


+385 99/594-1826